Type: Borough
Location: South west corner of Warren. West of Arcadia, south of Metro.
Size: 55 Square Miles
Quality: Average
Owner: The City of Warren
Services Available: Retail, consumer goods, restaurants, health care, service industries, etc.

Ambiance: Williamsburg is widely considered to be the most comfortable of the city’s districts. The streets are often wet and dark, but there is a striking beauty and comfort in them. The lights and sounds are softer and more muted giving the district a delicate incandescence.
Exterior: Countless row houses line the streets of Williamsburg. The cramped style is necessary for a city like Warren to function. These houses serve well as both residential areas and busy storefronts. Most residential areas are built in older styles to make for a more inviting front. Business rows are dotted with countless signs and advertisements, the busiest more closely resemble open air markets than actual streets.
Interior: The interiors of Williamsburg are not defined by any one style or nature. They vary wildly based on the preferences of individual owners and tenants. If they had any similarities it would be the relatively cramped or cozy layouts of their rooms and halls.

Population Density: High
Notable NPCs:
Frequented By: Countless residents, small business owners.

Danger: Low to middling varying on the quality of the individual neighborhood.
Hot Spots: Replitouch HQ, The Viridian Shield HQ, Park, Diner
Encounters: Street scum, hackers, unregistered mages.
Locations: Beacon University Campus, Cheshire Park, RepliTouch Corporate Headquarters, Warren Public Library and Archives, Williamsburg Transit Station


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