Inoki Lions

Inoki Lions


Type: Syndicate
Size: Very Large
Reputation: Above Average
Primary Endeavors: Arms Trafficking, Extortion, Counterfeiting, Fraud, Legitimate Finance, Gaming.

The Inoki Lions were founded in Warren by a branch family of a powerful yakuza native to Kyoto. They are the oldest and arguably the most influential of the major syndicate in the city. Their early operations were all legitimate and helped them to establish a respectable presence in the city. Using their overseas connections they shifted towards focus on the black market as well as growing their presence in Arcadia. These efforts, combined with their legitimate dealings offered them unique and profitable opportunities and further solidified their holdings. They blossomed under the leadership of Hiriko Tanahashi and have become feared in both the criminal and corporate world.

The Inoki Lions have recently undergone a change in leadership as Hiriko Tanahashi ceded her responsibilities to Kazuchika Okada. This was an expected development and has not created any noticable problems within the organization. The Inoki Lions are known to have several ongoing operations and businesses including many successful hotels and casinos and a significant presence on the black market. They have recently had territorial clashes with SSS and tensions between the groups are very high.

Leader: Kazuchika Okada
Prominent Members: Hiriko Tanahashi, Kazuki Kitamura, Masami Tanimura, Shun Kamiyama, Tora Saejima, Tsuyoi

Structure: The Inoki Lions have a rank structure similar to that of a military but can also be compared to a familial structure. They have a single leader Kumicho Kazuchika Okada and a group of administrators that serve as advisers. Most of these advisers are Old Lions. The former leader Hiriko Tanahashi now oversees the syndicate’s legitimate businesses. Beneath the leadership are several lieutenants who oversee territory and operations for the syndicates. Yakuza past these are ranked according to experience into senior, junior, and apprentice levels. Yakuza are not specifically assigned to a lieutenant, but are instead shared amongst them according to needs and the territory they operate in.

Body: The Inoki Lions are metatypically diverse but ethnically are Japanese without exception. A small but important distinction is often made between Old Lions and Young Lions, those born native to Japan and those born in Warren. Old Lions can also refer to retired or especially experienced members which can cause some confusion. Old Lions are usually treated with more respect than Young Lions but rank is a more significant factor. Most yakuza are either senior or junior members and given tasks accordingly. The rank below this, the apprentices are usually given menial tasks and receive little compensation. Members of the Inoki Lions can normally be identified by tattoos, many of which hold significant meaning.

Locations: Golden Leo, Lion Credit Union, Inoki Lions Weapons Facility, Keiji Tower, Inoki Lion Casinos

Inoki Lions

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