Type: Borough
Location: Northern Warren. West of Breakwater
Size: 55 Square Miles
Quality: Somewhat low
Owner: The City of Warren and MegaCorps therein.
Services Available: Industrial processing, manufacturing, development, assembly, and shipping.

Ambiance: Garden is littered with industrial compounds. Dingy smokestacks, cacophonous factories, and dirty streets are all commonplace. Moments spent within Garden make it obvious that this is a place built for industry not for people. Unfortunately, many people must call it home and they have become just as dirty and dangerous as the streets they walk.
Exterior: The factories and mills of Garden can be confusing and at times frightening, especially for those not familiar with them. Their construction is crude but efficient. They’re dimly lit and made with concrete, brick, and steel, often with unwelcoming fences. The residential areas are no better.
Interior: Without proper knowledge, the machines and layouts of the factories are strange at best and dangerous at worst. The superior facilities are brightly lit and well kept, but the poorer ones are dark mazes of machines and scaffolding.

Population Density: Low
Notable NPCs: Bull Underboss, Factory owner, hobo jo, garden director, ceo
Frequented By: Blue collar workers, brahma bulls, homeless, destitute, researchers, criminals.

Danger: Very High
Hot Spots: Factories, Brahma Bull HQ, Jade’s HQ, The botanical garden, public works, slums
Encounters: Brahma Bulls, Factory security, desperate poor, other criminals.
Locations: Beacon Post Graduate Research Laboratories, Greenery Botanical Gardens, Helix Research and Technologies Corporate Headquarters, Helix Central Research Facility, Inoki Lions Weapons Facility, RepliTouch Manufacturing, Terraplex Construction and Development Headquarters, Terraplex Construction Yard, Tin Soldierz, Viridian Shield Central Office, Warren Electric Plant, Warren Hydro Works


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