Type: Borough
Location: On the waterfront, north end of the city.
Size: 115 Square Miles
Quality: Medium
Owner: The City of Warren
Services Available: Harbor & Freight, Shipping, Some industrial services, some small business.

Ambiance: Breakwater offers some of the most impressive sights in Warren. Massive ships constantly moving around the harbor tend to make the people walking the streets feel insignificant. The grey misty air of the harbor creates an atmosphere of oppression and gloom. There are many rugged individuals who find the harbor comfortable and are glad to call it home.
Exterior: Most of the buildings in Breakwater have an industrial feel and those that don’t tend to be of much older construction than most. The larger warehouses and shipping facilities have a cold look, designed with industrial efficiency. Residential buildings housing the many dockworkers were similarly built. Smaller buildings, especially those housing small businesses or restaurants have much more welcoming looks.
Interior: The interiors of the various facilities in Breakwater tend to match the starkness of the buildings exterior. The interiors of smaller buildings and businesses stand in contrast to this as they tend to offer warmth and comfort from the cold grey atmosphere. Furnishings in Breakwater tend to be more traditional than most, unsurprising given how long many of the buildings have stood.

Population Density: High. Significantly high troll and ork populations.
Notable NPCs: Dockmaster, local bull leader, restaurant owner, battlebots operator
Frequented By: Dockworkers, fishermen, unemployed, industrialists.

Danger: Low. Thieves, gangs, and thugs tend to be more aggressive Elves tend not to be welcome.
Hot Spots: Valuable warehouses and ships, The Bastille, some popular restaurants.
Encounters: Drunken street gangs, Orks out to join the Brahma Bulls, lots of security around questionable goods.
Locations: Bastille Base, BB Insurance Building, Circuit Breakers, Dockmaster’s House, Il Toro Avido, Lucca’s Gym, RepliTouch Storage Warehouse, Stutz Memorial Lighthouse, Winters’ Dockhouse, Warren Seven Shipyard


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