Type: Borough
Location: On the waterfront, south of the harbor.
Size: Approximately 65 Square Miles
Quality: High
Owner: The City of Warren
Services Available: Arts and Entertainment, Gaming, Accommodation, etc.

Ambiance: Neon lights, thrilling sights and sleepless nights define Arcadia. There is something to entertain all tastes if you know where to look. From the gaudy flashes and bells of the tourist trap casinos to the pulsing thrums emanating out of popular night clubs, there is something to entertain all comers. If that’s not enough then you need only look beneath the surface to find more…illicit fare.
Exterior: The streets of Arcadia are lit in bright contrasts, neon lights strike sharply against cool blues and dark blacks of the local hot spots. The ornate and impressive establishments made for tourists and gamblers are bathed in a warm golden light meant to welcome and entrance.
Interior: The rooms and furnishings of Arcadia are meant to be just as alluring and comfortable. The bright neons of the local clubs give way to soft hues and dim lights with only a few splashes of colors, the dance halls are vibrant displays of color and energy, and the casinos are gilded mazes of opulence promising riches with the pull of a lever.

Population Density: Very high populations especially of humans. Relatively few are residents.
Notable NPCs: Madame Coatl
Frequented By: Tourists, gamblers, and those seeking pleasure or an escape from reality.

Danger: Theft is very common in the high traffic areas. Some local clubs and dives are especially dangerous to the unprepared.
Hot Spots: Seventh Street, The Golden Road
Encounters: Street gangs and muggers are common in the lower areas. Security is very high elsewhere, especially around casinos.
Locations: Bight Gene Parlors, Emerald Bliss, Lion Credit Union, Original Sin, Seventh Heaven, Snake Pit, The Cascades, The Red Queen, Zoo, Blips N Chitz


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