Winters' Dockhouse

Type: Warehouse
Location: Breakwater
Size: Average
Quality: Below Average
Owner: David ‘Broken Skull’ Winters
Services Available: Criminal Activity
History: This building was purchased by David Winters several years ago. It was previously owned by a dock manager who was friends with the orc. It has been renovated to suit his personal tastes and the needs of his syndicate. It now functions as a residence, safe house, and training ground.

Exterior: This lonely building has clearly been altered from its original purpose. Unlike most dock houses it has intimidating security measures and is covered in various gang symbols denoting allegiance to the The Brahma Bulls.
Interior: The warehouse has been divided into several sections with each serving a distinct purpose. While some sections still make use of the warehouse’s infrastructure, others are carpeted and furnished for use as hangouts and such.
Off Hours: During periods of inactivity, the building is put under heavy physical protection and the interior lights are all out, leaving it in total darkness.

Population Density: Low
Notable NPCs: Axel Adam Hood. Bruno Conti, Paul ‘Cager’ Sturgess, David ‘Broken Skull’ Winters
Frequented By: The Brahma Bulls

Hot Spots: Orcs and trolls looking to join the syndicate are required to endure a test held on the grounds of this facility in a process colloquially known as ‘going to school’.
Encounters: This building is owned by one of the most dangerous men in Warren and is usually occupied by his lieutenants and soldiers. The uninvited should expect heavy resistance.
Valuables: The Brahma Bulls are known for there heavy ordinance and armaments, many of which are stored in this building.

Winters' Dockhouse

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