Warren Seven Shipyard

Type: Industrial Shipyard
Location: Breakwater
Size: Very Large
Quality: Very High
Owner: Warren
Services Available: Shipbuilding, Shipbreaking, Ship Repairs, Employment
History: Before it was a tourist destination, Warren was a major port city and shipping center. The shipyard has been an important part of the city’s economy for decades. This is shipyard has advanced through six major overhaul resulting in the name ‘Warren 7’.

Exterior: Warren 7 is a massive facility sitting on one of the most active docks in Breakwater. It has an enormous entrance that sits on the water allowing ships to enter and exit. It looks like two trapezoids separate by a black bar creating a building that looks like it cuts out toward the ocean. The lower parts of the building are emblazoned with lights and numerous advertisements.

Interior: This building is a cavernous factory housing some of the largest and most powerful industrial equipment in the city. The majority of the inside is a massive dry dock. Catwalks and scaffolding run up and down the facility and numerous offices and machine shops line the walls of building.

Off Hours: Without a ship to work on, the building feels truly empty. The central area is a void and all the unfixed scaffolding is usually parted to either side. Massive floodlights highlight significant portions of the building and the sound of security droids reverberates throughout the chamber.


Population Density: High
Notable NPCs: Franky Kuma
Frequented By: Shipwrights, Dockworkers, Sailors, Machinists

Hot Spots:
Encounters: Given the importance of the work performed at the shipyard, security is obviously very tight. The people employed here are usually stronger and more aggressive then most and many are affiliated with local gangs and the The Brahma Bulls.
Valuables: The industrial equipment here is highly sought after, but notoriously difficult to carry. More practical items include smaller tools, ship plans, records, and contracts.

Warren Seven Shipyard

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