Warren is a coastal city situated on the Mid-Atlantic seaboard. Much of the land that defines the city was man-made overtime through various filling and construction efforts. Most of the city is heavily developed and the skyline is filled with towering high-rises. The size and scope of the buildings and streets in Warren vary wildly. The city’s outskirts, commonly known as Warren Hills, are more natural and rolling than the flats of the city proper.

Metahumanity is as diverse in Warren as it is in most MegaCities. Of all the various metatypes humans are the most common, followed by elves then dwarves. Orks and Trolls fewest in number but that’s never been a reason to discount either. Racial division and tension is common place in Warren and has lead to violent conflict in the past.

Warren has a surprisingly low population of awakened individuals though common rumors hold that Warren mages are just more secretive then most. This rumor is further enforced by the fact that mages in Warren only have to register with the government if their employer requires them to do so.

Even in the economically diverse year of 2075 Warren is unique in that it has achieved an enviable level of autarky. Significant levels of economic growth and influence have given rise to several MegaCorps all headquartered in Warren. These MegaCorps have since shaped and guided the economy of Warren manipulating it to best achieve their goals. While they don’t often find themselves in direct competition their sheer scope and geographic proximity make conflicts inevitable. Several smaller companies compete amongst themselves to cover the markets outside the MegaCorps scope.

Politics & Government
In Warren, as in most cities of the modern era, politics is second to business. MegaCorps enjoy enormous freedom from government oversight but government still has an important role to play. The city still provides businesses with various utilities required to function and it can withhold those utilities if proper taxes aren’t paid or as necessary leverage in negotiations. Past that, the city government still has final say on all new development and rezoning procedures and it is no secret that certain parties favor certain MegaCorps.

The city of warren is divided into five major boroughs:

  • Breakwater: The cities harbor district, located on the north end of the city.
  • Garden: The Industrial center of warren, located west of Breakwater
  • Arcadia: The entertainment district of the city, located on the waterfront, south of Breakwater.
  • Metro: Home of MegaCorps and City Hall, located west of Arcadia and south of the Garden.
  • Williamsburg: The city’s commercial district, located south of Metro.


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