Viridian Shield Central Office

Type: Office Building
Location: Garden
Size: Small
Quality: Below Average
Owner: Viridian Shield
Services Available: Community service, outreach, political activism, and legal counsel.
History: This shabby office building was formerly owned by a prominent elven businessman and politician. It has changed hands numerous times and is now the property of the coop group used by Viridian Shield. It has slowly gained a good reputation among the areas neediest populations.

Exterior: Like many properties in Garden, this building is poorly maintained and rather dingy. It is an old brick building plastered with flyers and glowing neon advertisements which help keep to keep costs low. A set of stone steps lead up to a plain glass doorway. A tendril of copper leaves is etched along the door frame and well kept plants grow along the sides.

Interior: The offices present here are cramped and flooded with files and paperwork. It is poorly lit and the smell of smoke and coffee is present throughout. Mahogany red carpets run wall to wall and potted plants are a common sight.

Off Hours: Even while closed some office lights can be seen from outside. The halls are dark save for a few key floor lamps at intersections and stairwell lights. Most plants from outside are brought in to prevent theft or vandalism.


Population Density: Below Average
Notable NPCs: Foster Rhodes, Priscilla Snow, Rowan Pryzbylewski
Frequented By: Elves, underprivileged families, and elf supporters.

Hot Spots: This building has a section dedicated to providing temporary shelter and housing for people in need. Additionally, during holidays and times of economic woe, the first floor is converted into a donation center and dining hall.
Encounters: Security here is not particularly strong but there are splinter groups within the Viridian Shield that will defend against what they perceive as threats.
Valuables: There is a well stocked kitchen on the first floor and the offices usually hold important information on the organization and its activities.

Viridian Shield Central Office

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