Tin Soldierz

Type: Highrise Basement
Location: Garden
Size: Below Average
Quality: Above Average
Services Available: Gambling, Robot Fighting, Electronic goods and services.
History: Tin Soldierz was originally a rigger’s garage which slowly evolved into a popular hangout spot for riggers. As the city began attracting more tourists and rents increased it was heavily modified and converted into a robot fighting arena. It has become one of the most unique and popular destinations outside of Arcadia.

Exterior: Tin Soldierz has a wide and brightly lit entrance. An ostentatious neon sign hangs above an entryway consisting of a small set of concrete steps leading down to a set of double doors. It is built into the basement of one of the nicer high rises in Garden.

Interior: The defining feature of Tin Soldierz is a hexagonal central fighting pit surrounded by thick Plexiglas. Four levels of terraces featuring tables and chairs lead down toward the center. Neon lights and signs illuminate the building and large screens display fight highlights and betting odds.

Off Hours: When not being used for fights, the building is considerably quieter. Neon lights are replaced with two large floodlights hanging from the ceiling. Custodians and machinists usually use this time to repair and maintain the facilities and robots.


Population Density: High
Notable NPCs:
Frequented By: Riggers, Machinists, Gamblers, Daring Tourists, Shadowrrunners

Hot Spots: Two elevated platforms are reserved for competitors and VIPs. There is a substantial machine shop in a sub-level below the arena. The bar on the highest terrace is a popular hangout for riggers and technomancers.
Encounters: Skilled hackers, technomancers, and riggers are common sights and many of the gamblers present are usually unarmed but can still be dangerous. Significant security is present for the safety of the competitors and patrons.
Valuables: Advanced robotics and technical expertise are both proudly displayed here and can be worthwhile to acquire. Additionally, a significant amount of nuyen is usually present between fight purses and bets.

Tin Soldierz

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