The Brahma Bulls

The Brahma Bulls


Type: Syndicate
Size: Large
Reputation: Low
Primary Endeavors: Extortion, Armed Robbery, Demolition, Arson

The Brahma Bulls takes its name from its leaders, four trolls known collectively as the Brahmins or Consiglieri. The original four Brahmins were once the dons of four rival mafia families. For years they struggled for influence over the city’s shipping district. This weakened them to the point where they were in danger of being overtaken by other criminal organizations. The four dons elected to establish a truce and combine their efforts against their usurpers. They founded the Brahma Bulls and quickly became one of the most powerful syndicates in the city’s history.

The Brahma Bulls have grown to encompass several local gangs that are considered affiliates of the Mafioso. The syndicate has increased its hold within Breakwater and has used its resources to grow in physical strength. The Bulls are easily the most well armed of any of the criminal syndicates and because many members are orcs or trolls they are able to field heavier ordinances than most opponents can handle. This has influenced the syndicate’s operations by creating a focus on intimidation, deterrence, and force of arms.

Leader: Consigilieri Selvaggio, Balistrieri, DeGaetano, and Valentini
Prominent Members: David Winters, Axel Hood, Bruno Conti, Carmen Page, Lucca Dri, Cager

Structure: The Brahma Bulls are lead by the four Brahmins, four former mafia dons who all have equal say in the direction of the syndicate. Consigliere Balistrieri is the oldest of the Brahmins and is considered the most influential. Directly beneath the Brahmins is one person, David Winters, who acts as the intermediary and gatekeeper for the leaders and beneath him are the lieutenants. Most of the lieutenants lead groups that all served distinct purposes within the organization. The lieutenants, with the exception of Axel Hood, follow the mafia traditions of the Bulls.

Body: The Brahma Bulls are one of the most homogeneous criminal organizations in the city. Brahma Bulls are almost exclusively orcs and trolls. There are a handful of humans and dwarfs among the gangs within the syndicate. The syndicate can be divided into two echelons. The higher of these is the mafia which consists of a strong fraternity of trolls and some orcs who pride themselves on their professionalism and capabilities. Below them are the numerous street gangs that make up the bulk of the syndicate. Most gang members are satisfied to cause havoc and serve the Brahmins but many aspire to advance upward in the organization. In order to advance from a street gang into the upper echelon a Bull or their gang must be sponsored by a mafioso and blessed by the consiglieri.

Locations: Il Toro Avido, BB Insurance Building, Winters’ Dockhouse,
Lucca’s Gym, Bull Houses

The Brahma Bulls

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