Type: MegaCorp
Size: Below Average
Reputation: Very High
Primary Endeavors: Cyberware and Bioware


Leader: Arthur Cykes
Prominent Members: Albert Mifune, Franky Kuma, John Gideon, Doctors Judels, Muzyka, and Von Harbou
Body: Most employees of RepliTouch are either medical personnel or scientists in the field of cyberware or bioware. Core personnel range from low level physical therapists to skilled surgeons and leading researchers. Marketing, security, legal, and accounting departments are staffed adequately. Like most MegaCorps, they also have several other ventures that all have their own staffing needs. Many employees can be identified by cyberware implants they received through the company.

Territory: RepliTouch is headquartered in Williamsburg and has several clinics in the area as well as in Metro. They are a well spread MegaCorp and their footprint spreads throughout the city.
Locations: Headquarters, Manufacturing Facility, Research Center, Storage Facility, Clinics
Security: Most facilities have an appropriate level of security. Small clinics have relatively little security as compared to high level research areas. The MegaCorp employs a significant amount of security staff. Most security personnel possess significant security and combat focused implants. Many of them are very loyal to the company as they were once disabled or maimed before received implants.

Theme Song
Worm is Green, “Infected by Nature” Push Play


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