Lucca's Gym

Type: Fitness Center
Location: Breakwater
Size: Above Average
Quality: High
Owner: Lucca Dri
Services Available: Exercise facilities, health and fitness guidance, boxing training.
History: This building was once a small office building for a now defunct corporation. Lucca Dri purchased the property at auction and begun converting it. Its floors were mostly gutted and converted into gymnasium space with various floors offering different services.

Exterior: The first floor of this four story building consists almost entirely of large glass walls. The remaining floors are surrounded by smooth slate gray panels that are occasionally divided vertically by blue recessed light columns.

Interior: Open floors filled with exercise equipment and partitioned areas for specific activities are common throughout. The floors are usually lined with self healing mats and nonslip material. The walls are slate grey and usually lined with mirrors creating a dizzying effect.

Off Hours: This building typically remains open at all hours. When it must be closed, security shutters drape over the glass walls and most of the power to the equipment is cut off. The mirrors remain back lit and reflective material on the equipment keeps occupants oriented.


Population Density: Average
Notable NPCs: Bruno Conti, Lucca Dri, David ‘Broken Skull’ Winters, Paul ‘Cager’ Sturgess, Valente ‘The Gent’
Frequented By: Orcs, Trolls, bodybuilders, boxers.

Hot Spots: The third floor of this building features a full size boxing ring and has produced some of the most accomplished athletes of the sport. The fourth floor is the private office of the buildings owner.
Encounters: The Brahma Bulls of all stations are common in this building and most of the common patrons are orcs and trolls of a particularly aggressive and physical persuasion and should be given space.
Valuables: The latest in fitness equipment, accessories, and supplements are found throughout this building and rumors hold that fight purses are often held here.

Lucca's Gym

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