Fifth World Meeting Hall

Type: Community Center
Location: Metro
Size: Average
Quality: Above Average
Owner: Warren
Services Available: Meeting Space, Community Service, Political Activity
History: Situated in Metro’s civic center, this community hall has been around for decades. It has been used by many groups over the years as a meeting hall or recreation center. Several years ago The Sons of the Fifth Age struck a deal with the city giving them exclusive access to the building.

Exterior: This building lies in the middle of a popular restaurant and market street. It has a unique front that slopes away from the street before cutting back and upwards in equal measure. Two column lights reach up and join the foundation to the pinnacle.

Interior: The Fifth World Meeting Hall is not as anachronistic as the name suggests. The surfaces and furnishings are all in warm sepia colors. Multiple terraces and balconies are arranged to facilitate a good view of the central stage while also providing a private and intimate atmosphere.

Off Hours: Security shutters cover the doors at night and the column lights are shut off. The central hall is illuminated only by a handful of security lamps and edge lights that run along the balconies and terraces. A large black curtain hangs at the front of the stage.


Population Density: Low
Notable NPCs: Barry the Butcher, James Howlett, Patrick Ostermann
Frequented By: Humans, Sons of the Fifth Age

Hot Spots: The private meeting area in the back of the building is often used as a campaign center during times of political activity. The main hall is where most activity takes place but is usually reserved for members only.
Encounters: The meeting hall is not friendly towards metahumanity but fighting is not allowed on the grounds. Almost all members are human and actively hostile towards those who don’t share their views.
Valuables: Due to lack of security, very little of value is kept in the meeting hall.

Fifth World Meeting Hall

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