Dockmaster's House

Type: Office Building
Location: Breakwater
Size: Below Average
Quality: Average
Owner: Warren City Government
Services Available: Waterfront Oversight, Tax & Fee Levying, Shipping and Receiving, Corporate Regulation, Immigration and Customs.

Dockmaster’s House is the central office for the Warren Port Authority, a department of the City Government. The building was erected after the death of Warren’s longest serving Dockmaster, thanks in part to a personal fund he bequeathed. It has been an integral part of Breakwater’s operations since its inception. It has recently undergone a renovation adding more office space and modern features.

Exterior: Dockmaster’s House is a modular building featuring several segments that appear stacked like bricks. These segments feature white frame works surrounding glass walls. They descend like stairs from the highest corner and rise again toward the opposite end. The entire building is surrounded by a row of trees and several flagpoles are arranged at the front of the building.

Interior: Dockmaster’s House features bright and elegant rooms. Much of the decor is nautically themed. The furnishings and details are designed to emphasize the theme. Much of the furniture is elegantly crafted woodwork. Light wooden slats and wide dark wood trim and paneling contrast nicely with eggshell walls and ceilings. Recessed lights in the ceiling illuminate the halls and rooms.

Off Hours: Much of Dockmaster’s House is well lit, even while closed. The glass walls and polished wood catch ambient light well. Innermore rooms and halls do not receive this benefit and are markedly darker. The glass walls tint black when in need of heightened security, cutting off the ambient light. Surf and ocean winds can be clearly heard when the building isn’t bustling.


Population Density: Low
Notable NPCs:
Frequented By: Dockworkers, Sailors, Ship Captains

Hot Spots: The building surrounds an inner courtyard that features information for tourists and nautical enthusiasts. The Manifest Archives houses information related to all manner of activity on the docks. Sub-units within the building are usually rented out to MegaCorps and are used to coordinate efforts with municipal resources.

Encounters: Dockmaster’s House is guarded by municipal security assets designated as the Port Authority. They work closely with the WPD and Bastille to ensure a secure environment especially for MegaCorp lessees. Dockmaster’s House does not play host to the same colorful characters that are commonly seen on the docks but they all do business there and can occasionally be found within its halls. This building is a point of entry for immigrants who often stand out through unfamiliar dress or unusual metatype.

Valuables: A wide variety of items seized by Customs are held in a secure location in this building. Additionally, extensive information on the ongoing operation of the docks is known to be stored in the Manifest Archives. Useful equipment for monitoring and managing the waterfront is also kept in this facility.

Dockmaster's House

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