Bull Houses

Type: Various
Location: Multiple Sites, common in Breakwater and Garden
Size: Varies
Quality: Below Average
Owner: The Brahma Bulls
Services Available: Syndicate related. Typically extortion, intimidation, and destruction.
History: Most Bull Houses belonged to local gangs before being absorbed into the greater syndicate. The oldest of these were established in Breakwater and used as strongholds while the Bulls fought to maintain dominance in the district. Several were taken by force during this time. Most newer Bull Houses were absorbed peacefully or freely taken from a dissolved gang. They tend to be in older buildings that have not seen many renovations.

Exterior: Most Bull Houses are small apartments or commercial buildings in low class areas. They occasionally feature graffiti or distinct markings. Many have telltale bullhead doorknockers installed. They tend to be poorly maintained and uninviting.

Interior: Bull Houses are often loud and messy places where broken furniture and stained walls are common. However they can vary wildly based on the standards of the bosses and lieutenants who control them.

Off Hours: Bull Houses tend to remain unaffected by the time of day.


Population Density: Low
Notable NPCs: None
Frequented By: Brahma Bulls Soldiers, Leaders, and Associates

Hot Spots: Most Bull Houses feature a central den that can be a fun place to hang out if you are a welcome guest and enjoy low class entertainment.
Encounters: Mess with the bull and all that.
Valuables: Bull Houses usually feature an armory stocked with costly firearms and a safe room that is occasionally used to hold cash and stolen goods. Gang rosters found here can also be useful to certain people.

Bull Houses

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