Type: MegaCorp
Size: Very Large
Reputation: Very High
Primary Endeavors: Personal Security, Home and Business Security, Security Technologies


As shadowrunning and corporate espionage became more commonplace many MegaCorps and wealthy individuals had difficulty keeping pace with burgeoning threats. Private security firms began to emerge, offering elevated security services to the various MegaCorps. MegaCorps no longer wishing to pay for independent services began increasing their own security. In order to remain competitive the private security firms began to merge eventually creating Bastille. Bastille’s first major effort was the creation of Bastille Base, which offered security and privacy that no competitor could match.

Bastille is now synonymous with security and force. It has replaced the WPD as the primary law enforcement group and its patrols are common throughout Warren. Bastille’s name can be seen everywhere from small home security systems to private security details for the most elite executives. Bastille offers extensive security contracts, equipmentment, and other measures. These include private security, rapid response, weapons, surveillaince equipment, armored vehicles, etc.

Leader: Keith Le Sabre
Prominent Members: Alya Cesaire, Ed Newgate, Hamato Miwa, Mercy Wayneright, Mike Wawrzaszek, Serena Ferguson, Tarkus Schwartzeisen
Structure: Much of Bastille is structured like a military. It has a rank structure and individuals are grouped into teams that have a single commanding officer. However, the leadership is much closer to a traditional MegaCorp. It possesses a single CEO who is appointed by a board of directors and the CEO has the authority to create his own executive staff. The branches of the MegaCorp that aren’t directly involved in security operations also have a more traditional structure.
Body: Bastille’s employees are divided into two categories, security personnel and regular employees. Security personnel are highly trained soldiers and are further divided based on individual capability and operation requirements. Regular employees often include dispatchers, security advisers, sales people, installation personnel, and typical administrative workers. Bastille is one of the largest employers in Warren and tend not to discriminate but a corporate SIN is required.

Territory: Bastille is nearly omnipresent in Warren. Their headquarters sits in the bay at Breakwater but they are spread throughout all districts. Bastille’s activities are often concentrated in areas of great importance to MegaCorps. Their security equipment can be found even in places where they have no presence.
Locations: Bastille, Bastille Stations, Personal Defense Centers
Security: Bastille is the preeminent security company in Warren and as such their security personnel are among the most well trained, equipped, and reliable. They are often divided into three categories to coincide with the three worlds: Arcane, Cyber, and Physical. Even so, the most common Bastille guards still struggle against skilled shadowrunners.

Mike Shinoda & Joseph Trapanese “The Arrival”, The Raid: Redemption


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