Tai 'Typhoon' Morales

Vigilante and Member of the Viridian Shield



“I don’t know what I’m doing, but I know who I’m doing it for.”


Tai Morales is a young elf with short black hair and hazel eyes. He is very tall and broad shouldered for an elf. He usually wears a mix of street clothes and tactical gear. He wears a long black coat with a dark green trim and a hood. He has stylish goggles with a fair bit of obvious tech.



Little is known about Tai Morales. He was born and raised in Warren and has lived most of his life in a modest home. He was often in trouble as a youth but never did anything that could be considered criminal. He gained a bit of a reputation as a mischief maker and has done little to shake that reputation. He has worked as a shadowrunner in the past.


‘Typhoon’ Morales is a somewhat controversial figure within the elven community in Warren. He is considered a gang leader by some and a vigilante by others, known for protecting elves from violence and crime. He is a member of the Viridian Shield and can be contacted through them but they do not condone or endorse his activities.

Tai 'Typhoon' Morales

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