Shun Kamiyama

Lieutenant of the Inoki Lions



“I guess my fate’s tied to money.”


Shun Kamiyama is a handsome elven man with a casual demeanor and kind eyes. He keeps his dark hair slicked back and usually has a bit of stubble. He has an easygoing style and prefers to wear his blazer open and keeps the top two buttons of his shirt undone. His relaxed style belies the quality and expense of his attire as he is clearly a very wealthy man. He prefers to dress in reds and burgundies.



Good fortune has made Shun Kamiyama one of the wealthiest individuals in Warren. His wealth is not widely known and those few who are aware of it don’t know how he acquired it. They know only that he was not always rich. He has risen to prominence as a lender and investor in numerous hotels, casinos, and spas in Arcadia.


Kamiyama is one of the four lieutenants of the Inoki Lions. He oversees yakuza operations within Arcadia and the vast financial network therein. He is also ensures good relations between the yakuza and the various business owners and managers in Arcadia.

Shun Kamiyama

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