Rowan Pryzbylewski

Teacher and Member of the Viridian Shield



“I can’t give these kids a future. All I can do is give them an education and pray they can find one on their own.”


Mr. Prysbylewski is a young elf with sharp features. He has light brown hair that refuses to stay combed. He has a warm smile and tired eyes. He is average in height and a bit skinnier than most, a fact made more apparent by his ill-fitting apparel. He wears a long brown coat over his modest but professional attire. His nose is noticeably crooked from a break.



Rowan Pysbylewski’s family immigrated to Warren from the Allied German States when he was a young child. He struggled in school but studied with diligence and determination. He was granted a higher education by a Megacorp and worked as a security guard before eventually becoming a corporate teacher. He joined the Viridian Shield after becoming a teacher where he gained a strong reputation as a community figure.


Rowan Pysbylewski is currently a teacher for INSERT MEGACORP and a well known member of the Viridian Shield. He teaches what would be equivalent to a middle school level and occasionally teaches at higher levels. He is also a prominent member of the Viridian Shield where he has a strong connection to elven youth and their parents. He is well known for going out of his way to teach those who don’t have access to a formal education.

Rowan Pryzbylewski

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