Pualani 'Kahuna' Meadows

Vigilante and Member of the Viridian Shield



“I don’t stop until I see in them the fear they wanted to put in me.”


Pualani Meadows is a beautiful caramel skinned elf with chestnut eyes. She has violet hair that hangs down to the small of her back, it is intricately braided and adorned with flowers. She has a stockier build than most elves though she stands shorter. She usually wears tactical gear and appears to be as well equipped as an experienced shadowrunner. Most of her apparel is in shades of dark violet with black trim. There is prominent but light scarification around her left eye.



Pualani Meadows was raised by a single parent in Garden. She fell into a life of crime as a means to help pay the bills but quickly grew attached to the excitement and thrill. She joined a small time gang composed of other young elves for a while, during which time she was assaulted and nearly killed by a group of supremacists. This incident drove her to taking a more active stand against those who would persecute elves.


Pualani Meadows is now a well known to the elves of Warren as a warrior and protector. Viridian Shield denies that she is a member of their organization because of her extreme methods, but their goals intersect very often. She has taken it upon herself to strike down those who would attempt to persecute elves. She is also known to take work as a shadowrunner especially when given an opportunity to achieve her personal goals.

Pualani 'Kahuna' Meadows

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