Masami Tanimura

Lieutenant of the Inoki Lions



“I’m the girl who does her job. You must be the someone else.”


Masami Tanimura is a young human woman, a bit shorter than average but physically fit. She has dark brown ear length hair that she keeps somewhat shaggy and dark brown eyes. She prefers pants to skirts and is sometimes mistaken for a young male yakuza. She often wears black suits with skinny ties and often wears a blue down jacket to stand out.



Masami Tanimura was born into the Inoki Lions. She is the daughter of a high ranking member and was trained and educated by the yakuza. Upon graduating school she was planted within the Warren police force to act as a mole. She has since climbed the ranks of both the yakuza and the police force.


Masami is the newest of the four lieutenants of the Inoki Lions. This gives her authority over a sizable portion of the groups manpower and resources. She is also a special agent in the Warren Police. Her unique position means that she does not oversee a particular territory in the city. She is responsible for ensuring that the police don’t interfere in the yakuza’s affairs.

Masami Tanimura

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