Keith Le Sabre

CEO and President of Bastille



“If I have to choose between being rich and hated or poor and loved I’m going to pick rich, and I mean in a second.”


Mr. Le Sabre is a tall man with perfectly coiffed black hair and piercing green eyes. He is the picture of success in a dark blue pinstriped suit, black shirt, and white silk tie. He is an older man but clearly goes to great length to maintain his appearance. A shoulder holster can be seen under his blazer.



Mr. Le Sabre was born to a wealthy corporate family and enjoyed a comfortable child hood. He was kidnapped and held for ransom by a powerful street gang. The fallout of this incident left his family significantly poorer and the young man scarred and paranoid. He worked as a salesman for Bastille for several years, learning to manipulate and persuade people. Tactics he eventually used on his employers to climb the corporate ladder until eventually he was named President and CEO by Bastille’s board of directors.


Mr. Le Sabre is the CEO and President of Bastille. He is primarily responsible for setting corporate policies, satisfying high profile clientele, overseeing product development, and prioritizing the use of resources.

Keith Le Sabre

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