Bartholomew 'Barry the Butcher' Williams

Leader of the Sons of the Fifth Age



“We have always fought for humanity. I’ll not befoul that legacy by giving the world over to the inhuman.”


Barry the Butcher is a handsome man in his early thirties. He has black hair and green eyes. A well manicured mustache distracts from the slight deformity in his right cheek, the result of a poorly healed cheekbone. He is usually sharply dressed in a shirt, tie, and vest. He has the air of showman and walks with cane and slight limp.



The Williams family has lived in Warren for generations, typically residing in the Williamsburg district. Young Bart Williams was a natural leader and other boys would flock to him quickly creating a loosely knit gang of sorts. Bartholomew reveled in his charisma and his ability to manipulate people. He grew to resent meta-humans who didn’t seem as infatuated with his charms. As a young adult he became a butcher and gained the intimidating moniker of ‘Barry the Butcher’.


Barry the Butcher owns a butcher shop in Breakwater known as The Butcher’s Block and still resides in Williamsburg. He has become an influential figure in the city and leads the pro-human group The Sons of the Fifth Age. The extent of his influence is unknown and some believe it is sorely underestimated.

Bartholomew 'Barry the Butcher' Williams

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