Welcome to the city of Warren. Watch your step, stay in the shadows between the street lights, try not to draw attention to yourself.

Warren is primarily controlled and influenced by eight MegaCorps. These corporations are in a constant cold war, always trying to tip the balance of power and secure for themselves a bigger piece of the pie. Little thought is given to the people who don’t work and support these corporations and their interests.

Many enterprising individuals have used the divisions between the MegaCorps to carve out their own territory in the city. Three major criminal Syndicates have arisen as a result of their efforts. The MegaCorps and Syndicates coexist in a nebulous array of alliances, treaties, and contracts.

This volatile environment has proven most lucrative to shadowrunners. The constant power struggle has made for constant employment and numerous opportunities for irresistible profits. Unfortunately, profits come at a price, no one escapes payment, and eventually all shadows are brought to the light. Do your best, stay alive.

Five Points

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