Viridian Shield

Viridian Shield


Type: Minor Faction
Size: Below Average
Reputation: Low
Primary Endeavors: Community Organization, Political Activism, Charity and Volunteering, Legal and Financial Consultation.

The Viridian Shield was founded by lawyer and politician Foster Rhodes. It evolved from the connections he established through his early political efforts. The well educated elves involved in his campaigns were able to offer advise and consultation to underprivileged elves. This evolved into a more organized form of consultation and networking and their involvement in the destitute areas of the city increased.

The Viridian Shield now focuses almost exclusively on aiding underprivileged, uneducated, and SINless elves in Warren. It does not have the resources of other influential groups but a strong sense of community and duty have helped it to remain relevant. It spends most of its time organizing events and fundraisers to help educate and provide for those in need. It is rumored to have some connections to elven supremacist groups and elven street gangs. This has done much to damage the groups reputation and complicate its efforts.

Leader: Foster Rhodes

Prominent Members: Priscilla Snow, Rowan Pryzbylewski

Structure: The Viridian Shield operates closer to a network than an official organization. Foster Rhodes is considered its leader because he is its founder and most respected member but he has no official title or power. Prominent members of the Shield are given responsibilities based on their own connections and experience. Membership in the Viridian Shield is entirely voluntary and few receive physical compensation for their contributions to the group. Young members are often given tasks that benefit the community at large such as cleaning the streets and delivering food to the infirmed.

Body: Most members of the Viridian Shield are elves but many are humans. There are some orcs, trolls, and pixies that are considered members of the Shield but they are rare. All members of the Shield support the organization’s cause regardless of metatype. Some members of the Shield are elf-posers but the practice is frowned upon. Young and restless elves have formed street gangs in order to protect elven interests. These gangs are not considered to be a part of the Shield but the Shield benefits from their existence and vice versa. It is important to note that the disadvantaged elves that the Shield helps are usually not members of the Shield themselves, though they often join the organization after receiving assistance.

Locations: Viridian Shield Central Office

Viridian Shield

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