Type: MegaCorp
Size: Very Large
Reputation: Average
Primary Endeavors: Real Estate Sales and Development, Construction, Demolition, Zoning, etc.

Terraplex is the oldest MegaCorp still actively operating in Warren. It was founded as a real estate development group and grew steadily. As it grew it consumed various construction and demolition companies allowing it to better plan and coordinate its efforts. It gained a strong influence over zoning ordinances in the city which gave it greater control of the market. This seeming monopoly greatly benefited the city as it developed in a rapid but controlled manner.

Terraplex is now one of the largest and most influential MegaCorps in Warren. Most new construction and real estate deals are made through Terraplex. Because of this, Terraplex’s success is inextricably linked to the health and vitality of the city. Terraplex works closely with other MegaCorps to help facilitate growth and trade. It also offers myriad services to individuals that help foster new developments and increasing property value.

Leader: Hannibal Ziphram
Prominent Members: Carver Mason, Fan Godot, Lee Taylor, Marco Talbot

Structure: Terraplex has a concrete and calculated structure that it has developed over decades. Its CEO Hannibal Ziphram answers to a board of directors consisting of former executives. The company is divided into three distinct branches: Construction and Renovation, Demolition and Removal, and Planning and Development. The leader of each branch was appointed by Ziphram. Scheduling and projects play an important role in Terraplex. The department heads are responsible for assigning a leader to each project and they in turn assign leaders to each task. This process repeats itself until every aspect of a project is covered at which point the organizational layout is reviewed and approved so work can begin. Ongoing and routine projects are handled in much the same way but the positions involved are considered permanent.

Body: Terraplex is one of the largest employers in the city and as such it has a very diverse workforce. That said, the demographics of the workforce is divided in predictable ways. There are significantly more orcs and trolls in physical labor where as elves are more commonly found in office spaces. It should be noted that this is not by design and Terraplex does not consider metatype when hiring. Putting aside administrators and managers, most Terraplex workers are either in construction, real estate, or related positions. Terraplex workers are usually well educated and can often be identified by a small ring or pin bearing the Terraplex logo.

Locations: Warren One, C&D Headquarters, Construction Yard, Zoning and Real Estate


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