Seventh Street Serpents

Seventh Street Serpents


Type: Syndicate
Size: Unknown
Reputation: Below Average
Primary Endeavors: Entertainment, Drug Trafficking, Espionage, Human Trafficking, Wet Work.

The Seventh Street Serpents are a relatively new power in Warren and are the youngest of the known syndicates. Its origins are heavily tied to those of its enigmatic leader and founder Madame Coatl. When they first emerged they appeared to be little more than a street gang based on Seventh Street in Arcadia. Their power and influence grew in shadows and low value properties away from territory claimed by other syndicates. They pushed out other gangs and absorbed those that remained with remarkable speed and efficacy. Their early success is attributed to remarkably high quality drug trafficking. Their effective use of espionage tactics such as black mail and skillful assassination sheltered them from stronger rivals as they grew into a fully fledged syndicate.

The Seventh Street Serpents remain a cryptic organization who exist mostly in the darkest shadows of Warren. Their growth has slowed significantly since their early years but the extent of there influence and the depth of their membership is only known to a handful of people. They are believed to be the weakest of the three syndicates but their espionage operatives are highly feared. Their most visible operations include nightclubs, casinos, and bars in Arcadia. The Serpents seem content with the status quo but some of their holdings in Arcadia have created tension with the Inoki Lions.

Leader: Madame Vespa Sin Coatl
Prominent Members: ‘Dancing Shadow’, ‘Chainer’, Owen Steen, Rama Seshiro, Sawyer Cole, Sylvia Duke

Structure: Although she is rarely seen, Madame Coatl controls every aspect of the Seventh Street Serpents. She has a trusted circle of individuals whom she directs to carry out operations for the syndicate. These subordinates are intensely loyal and dedicated to maintaining the secrecy that allows the syndicate to thrive. The source of this loyalty is unknown and a topic of much speculation. These individuals are responsible for managing the different aspects of the syndicate. Those aspects can be divided into five major categories: espionage, street gangs, special operations, trafficking, and legitimate business fronts. Rumors hold that Madame Coatl almost always refrains from direct involvement in any of these.

Body: As stated, the extent of the Serpent’s membership is unknown. It is believed that most serpents are either human or elven. There are no known orc or troll members of the serpents, although some exist in affiliated gangs. The gangs included or affiliated with serpents are not secretive and present the first line of defense against their rivals. Excluding high ranking members and special operatives, it is difficult to distinguish between members of the Serpents and the associates who work with them. Their businesses, especially nightclubs, are known for employing attractive women through legitimate and illegitimate means. Even here it is difficult to draw lines as many of these women work as spies for the syndicate. Tattoos are common among the serpents but are often hidden or obscured.

Locations: Original Sin, Seventh Heaven, The Snake Pit, Emerald Bliss, Special Headquarters, Seventh Street Clubs

Seventh Street Serpents

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