Original Sin

Type: Nightclub
Location: Arcadia
Size: Very Large
Quality: Cutting Edge
Owner: Madame Coatl
Services Available: Live Entertainment, Food, Drink, Dance, etc.
History: About fifteen years agoMadame Coatl purchased what was, at the time, a failing casino from an associate of The Brahma Bulls. She had the building swiftly demolished and replaced it with the glistening monument to decadence known as Original Sin. It quickly became one of the hottest clubs in Warren and remains so to this day.

Exterior: Original Sin is a beautifully curvaceous building consisting of several tiers of gently twisted floors lit by bright neon lights that are somehow understated and soft. The building appears as mesmerizing and dangerous as a snake about to strike. At the front of the building is a statue amplified and animated via holographic projection of an emerald green viper sinking its fangs into a bright ruby red apple.

Interior: The many floors of Original Sin are dazzling and teeming with exuberant patrons. Lush jungle vegetation is teeming throughout the building. The first floor is very open containing a large statue that stretches up toward the ceiling, surrounded by stages and dance floors the whole of which are ringed by bars and lounge areas. The remaining floors are all balconies with similar facilities that overlook the lower levels and the sea of celebrants below. Lights the color of deep red wine and the constant thrum of music emanating from the dance floors combine to reveal that this is truly the beating heart of life in the city.

Off Hours: Sinning is Eternal.


Population Density: Swarming
Notable NPCs: Madame Vespa Sin Coatl, Sawyer Cole, Sylvia ‘D’ Duke, Dr. Maria Weiss
Frequented By: Everyone who’s anyone and you’re not on the list.

Danger: It is commonly known that this club is run by a powerful criminal syndicate and is a favored meeting place for influential shadow runners and other undesirables. This, coupled with the energy and chaos of the environment create a uniquely dangerous situation. Bouncers are well trained and compensated and should not be ignored.

Hot Spots: The private lounges of OS are sought out by those seeking discreet meetings or temporary shelter. Performing on the central stage of OS is considered an honor for musicians and DJs around the world. The higher one climbs in OS, the more likely you are to come across a person of influence. The upper floors are reserved only for the most elite VIPs and it is presumed that the private office of The Madame herself is near the top of the building.

Encounters: It is unwise to stir trouble here. The best one can hope for is a simple bar fight that spills into the street. The worst involves the most elite soldiers fielded by the Seventh Street Serpents. Best not to risk it.

Original Sin

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