Type: Borough
Location: Central Warren. West of Arcadia, south of Breakwater.
Size: 35 Square Miles
Quality: Very High
Owner: The City of Warren and MegaCorps therein.
Services Available: Major corporate services, municipal facilities.

Ambiance: Metro is the very heart of Warren. The superstructures and skyscrapers tower above those of neighboring districts and bathe the streets in their ambient yellow glow. The streets and spans are teeming with corporate sinners at all hours of the day. It is a place of constant activity and opportunity.
Exterior: The buildings of Metro are the most impressive in all of Warren. Even the smallest ones stretch up to dizzying heights. Each one carries a bit of the personality of the corporation that owns it. From a distance they look dazzling but on the streets and within the spans they are truly awe inspiring.
Interior: Most of these buildings are far less bewildering on the inside. Cavernous, auspicious foyers and lobbies lead to teeming office floors and eventually, as the floor count climbs, beautiful and ornate offices of the people who run it all. Each one with its own unique brand of corporate flair.

Population Density: Very High
Notable NPCs: Mayor, chief of police, corporate counsel, CEOS, Okada
Frequented By: Salary men, government employees, CEOs, other elite.

Danger: Minimal for the law abiding, very high for everyone else.
Hot Spots: MegaCorp HQs, The Golden Leo, City Hall, Big restaurant
Encounters: Corporate security, ambitious runners.
Locations: Cliff’s Diner, Fifth World Meeting Hall, Golden Leo, Keiji Tower, Metro Central Transit, Millennium Medical Center, Metro Arena, RepliTouch Research Center, Rise Unlimited Corporate Headquarters, Warren One, City Hall, Warren Mutual Bank


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