Cliff's Diner

Type: Restaurant
Location: Metro
Size: Below Average
Quality: Above Average
Owner: Clifford Stevens
Services Available: Food and Drink
History: The restaurant currently known as Cliff’s Diner has been around for decades. It was originally a restaurant specializing in Asian cuisine. It’s original owner sold it to a man who converted into a throwback diner hoping it would stand out from nearby competitors. The diner has stood for years despite becoming obscured by the growing cityscape around it. Clifford Stevens, who eventually purchased it, became a regular at this diner as did several others who preferred its isolated location. It is a hole in the wall but sought out for its discretion and freshly baked pies.

Exterior: The area surrounding Cliff’s is well worth mentioning. The Diner located in Metro‘s Asian quarter and is only accessible by foot. It sits at the end of a series of back alleys filled with rear exits and storefront counters sealed with rolling gates. The building itself is a chrome throwback with a rectangular profile. Sheet metal siding is broken up by wide windows. The view from the windows is obscured by black blinds. Dotting the windows and sides are neon signs in red and blue and different languages that read ’OPEN’ and advertise food. The largest sign sits atop the building and displays in bold red neon with an aerodynamic flair ’CLIFF’S DINER’.

Interior: Cliff’s Diner is a dingy but cozy restaurant. The diner appears to be a bit larger than the exterior would suggest. The far half of the diner is set a few feet lower than the near half. Booths and tables fill both halves. There is a long counter on the left side where Cliff is sure to be spotted. A glass display of pies sits on the far end of the counter. It features simple grey and black tiling on the floors that is broken up by black rugs that cover the steps between the halves. The walls are plastered with a simple earth-toned wallpaper. Red upholstery is common throughout as are various pieces of aeronautic kitsch. An old flight jacket surrounded by photographs hangs on the far wall.

Off Hours: Cliff’s Diner keeps strange hours but it does close. When closed all of the neon signs are turned off save for a single exterior lamp that hangs above the entryway and keeps it illuminated. The window blinds are all closed and the chairs are all upturned. The interior is usually pitch dark outside of any light that seeps in from the doorway. Small elements on the steps between levels glow faintly in the dark. The scent of pies and other pastries linger in the air. The kitchen is entirely inactive and a security bar is placed on the door separating it from the dining area. There is a consistent hum of security from a handful of drones and sensors meant to deter intruders and vandals.


Population Density: Below Average
Notable NPCs: Clifford Stevens
Frequented By: Shadowrunners, local diners, hiring proxies or ‘Johnsons’, some syndicate members, pie enthusiasts.

Hot Spots: There is not much at Cliff’s that couldn’t be found at any other diner. There is a private room reserved for preferred customers and the building is known to have a basement and a small attic although their contents are unknown. Most run teams sit at the booths and those looking to hire will usually sit at tables but there are no designated areas or arrangements. Outside the diner is a parking area where bikers tend to gather. The kitchen is the only other area of note and is where the diner’s few employees congregate.

Encounters: Cliff’s patrons are wildly varied and can be volatile at times. All shadowrunners are inherently dangerous and should be treated with professional courtesy. The same is true for employers who tend to bring a few associates for added safety. It is not uncommon to run into Bastille or WPD investigators. Despite all this, Cliff’s is usually peaceful and most conflicts that do arise are minor and dissolve quickly. It is still best to be cautious, vigilant, and courteous.

Valuables: Cliff’s DIner is one of the few places where information on shadowrunners and potential jobs are freely discussed. Rumors maintain that Cliff has some valuable equipment from his past profession along with items of sentimental value. Some shadowrunners keep small valuables and equipment with Cliff for brief periods. Anything else of value is limited to what patrons bring with them.

Cliff's Diner

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