Beacon University

Beacon University


Type: MegaCorp
Size: Below Average
Reputation: Very High
Primary Endeavors: Corporate Education, Magic and Technology Research, Philanthropy

Beacon University was founded in Williamsburg at the dawn of the Sixth World. It was the vision of one man That guy, it’s founder and leader. It was among the first universities offering education and studies in magic and as such faced little competition, allowing it to grow rapidly. Fearing the rise of corporate schools, Beacon createed a new and remarkably successful approach, as it began to offer extensive and custom tailored educational programs to the burgeoning MegaCorps. It has since continued to grow into a MegaCorp in its own right and is a leader in the fields of magic, technology, and education.

Beacon University is primarily are research oriented institution. Talented mages and gifted minds gather here and many are recruited directly from Beacon’s various corporate schools. It continues to provide education to most of the City’s populace, though it should be noted that it does this with extensive oversight. Its cutting edge research has allowed it to offer numerous devices and services. That, combined with tuitions and donations, allows it to grow and continue its research.

Leader: Steven Reynolds
Prominent Members: Benson Sorrenstein, Francesca Lucci, Okumura Shin, Paul Quinn Professors Roger Povenmire and Venessa Povenmire

Structure: Beacon University does not follow a traditional corporate lay out and is divided into three branches that operate with a fair amount of independence. The largest of these is the commercial branch which markets the products created by Beacon and similar matters. Next is the educational branch which covers Beacon’s own graduate school as well as the numerous schools commissioned by other MegaCorps. The smallest but arguably most important branch is the research branch concerned with the cutting edge research that the university is famous for. This branch overlaps significantly with the educational branch as they share responsibilities with regards to post graduate studies. The leaders of each of these branches are called deans regardless of their actual responsibilities. Each of these individuals answers to President Reynolds who has final say on all decisions made by the university. The only significant restriction on his authority are ordinances regulating education.

Body: Given its nature as a university, Beacon has a diverse membership including students, teachers, administrative staff, counselors, researchers, scholars, and all manner of administrative and commercial personnel. Students who attend Beacon are considered to be members and employees of the university but students attending any of its corporate schools are not with rare exceptions. Employees within the commercial branch account for the vast majority of the staff but are considered the least influential. Beacon University has a significantly higher percentage of awakened personnel than any other MegaCorp.

Locations: Beacon Main Campus, Post Graduate Research Laboratories, Corporate Schools

Beacon University

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