Whittany and Brittany Webb

Technomancer Mercenary Kings



“You should treat us with, like, totes more respect.”


Whittany and Brittany Webb are identical twins in their early twenties. They are slender girls with beautiful features. They are never without makeup including blush, eyeliner, and cherry red lipstick. Their hair is always stylish, medium length and mirrored, though one is kept black and the other white. They most often wear skirts and jackets in matching styles usually in dark reds but always keep up with fashion trends.



Whittany and Brittany were born into opulence as the twin children of a wealthy executive. They received a strong corporate education until their technomancy manifested. Their father transferred them into a less prestigious school where they finished their education under assumed identities. They spent most of their free time and their new identities honing their abilities and exploring the less reputable facets of Warren.


Whittany and Brittany have slowly become two of the most powerful and talented technomancers in Warren. They spend most of their time in the Matrix and taking runs beyond the scope of most hackers and technomancers. The ease and comfort with which they perform these tasks has marked them as Mercenary Kings. They are known to be very hard to find on the matrix and in real life and tend to take jobs that suit their personal interests.

Whittany and Brittany Webb

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