Wada Tomoyori

Rank and File Yakuza Strongman



“Comply or break.”


Wada Tomoyori is an imposing human in a suit and tie, with a roll of quarters in his front pocket. He shaves his head daily to show a tattoo on the right side of his skull. It depicts a black and white oni mask bleeding from its mouth and dripping from its horns. His soft brown eyes are always intensely focused on something.



Wada Tomoyori was made an orphan the day his father betrayed the Oyabun of the Inoki Lions. He was “adopted” into the family and trained from near birth to shake down men who didn’t feel they needed the Yakuza’s protection anymore.


Wada serves as Yakuza Muscle, and prefers to brawl with a roll of quarters in his closed fist over a pair of brass knuckles in order to reduce evidence. He and Ai Wo typically worked in the same areas and occasionally teamed up until he took his most recent assignment.

Wada Tomoyori

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