Professor Venessa Povenmire

Head of Technomancy Research at Beacon University



“We’re close to a breakthrough, I can feel it!”


Venessa Povenmire is an elegant woman of indeterminable age though her demeanor suggests she is older than she appears. She has beautiful white hair that falls across her shoulders and radiant blue eyes. She doesn’t wear a traditional lab coat instead opting to wear stylish orange vestments with with black trim over matching black pants.



Venessa Povenmire is Roger Povenmire’s older sister. She was a very gifted student who completed her primary education at a young age. She was accepted into Beacon University where she completed her education, graduating as valedictorian. She, like most valedictorians, stayed with the school to work on high level research projects and experiments.


Professor Povenmire is the head technomancy research and is one of the foremost authorities on the subject. She oversees and analyses the results of experiments and technologies relating to technomancy and technomancers.

Professor Venessa Povenmire

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