Tsuyoi Sutairu no ō

Rumored to be the strongest member of the Inoki Lions



“Don’t get up. My next attack will be without mercy.”


Tsuyoi Sutairu is a very tall and dangerous looking man. He has a distinct and somewhat eccentric style. He dresses in a suit like most yakuza but his is a bright red leather blazer with dynamic lines and black leather pants. He usually wears his blazer open with no shirt underneath. He has an elegant tattoo of a phoenix on his back. He has long black hair that he usually pulls over to one side of his head. He has soft facial features and he usually has a bit of stubble.



‘Tsuyoi Sutairu no ō’ was born to a family of modest means in Williamsburg. He was a gifted child athlete and grew a fondness for combat sports. This lead to his earliest encounters with the Inoki Lions who were impressed with his talents. He had no interest in criminal activity but his love of fighting was such that they came to an agreement.


‘Tsuyoi Sutairu no ō’ Is widely regarded as the strongest and toughest member of the Inoki Lions. He at times acts as an enforcer for the group, but more often than not he is used to test the skills of aspiring members. If he is involved in an actual fight, it is assumed that it is a fight the Lions want desperately to win.

Tsuyoi Sutairu no ō

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