Tora Saejima

Lieutenant of the Inoki Lions



“This one’s for my boss. Nothing personal.”


Tora Saeijima is a female ork, taller and more imposing than most male orks. She has rough face and a strikingly dour demeanor. Her tusks are surprisingly small and are only prominent while her mouth is open. She usually wears a brown trench-coat over a simple grey suit. While fighting she often removers her coat and shirt to reveal a tiger tattoo that covers her back and her well muscled physique.



Tora Saejima was born into the yakuza where she eventually became an enforcer. This changed the day she took it upon herself to remove a threat to the Lions. The incident resulted in her arrest and incarceration for 18 years. She turned herself into the authorities claiming to have acted independently and was a model prisoner until her eventual escape. She was welcomed back and made a lieutenant by the Inoki Lions.


Ms. Saejima is currently serves the Inoki Lions by overseeing their interests in Breakwater and Garden. What this entails is not widely known as there is little yakuza presence in those districts. Conventional wisdom holds that she is being treated like a very big tiger in a very big cage.

Tora Saejima

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