Dr. Thea von Harbou

Head of RepliTouch Research & Development Cyberware Division



“We can’t fix everything, sometimes all we can do is pick up the pieces.”


Dr. Harbou is a middle aged human woman with brown hair and tired blue eyes. She usually wears her shoulder length hair in a stylish bun tied up with a pencil. She is a bit larger than average but carries herself well. She normally wears a lab coat over a pale red sweater and dark dress pants.



Dr. Harbou was born to a company family that could easily afford a simple life and a good education for her. Her original company was purchased by RepliTouch while she was still in school and when she graduated she was able to find work as a cyberware technician. After a while it became apparent that she was skilled enough to be used as a researcher. She was transferred to the R&D Cyberware division where she worked for a time before being promoted to head of the division after the disappearance of Dr. Maria Weiss.


Dr. Harbou is currently the head of the cyberware division of research and development at RepliTouch. She approves all new cyberware projects and oversees ongoing research.

Dr. Thea von Harbou

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