Tarkus Schwartzeisen

Chief Enforcer of Bastille Physical Protection



“Just being here is warning enough.”


Tarkus is a stoic and physically imposing dwarf, as wide as a troll. He wears full tactical armor at almost all times, usually without a helmet. He has short grey hair and his chin is covered in thick grey stubble. He has square features and carries himself with a soldiers demeanor. His eyes are brown and surprisingly warm.



Tarkus began his career as a small time security guard for a small company but found it unrewarding both spiritually and financially. He decided to join a mercenary group where he served for many years learning combat and enduring hardship. Eventually he lost his taste for battle and returned to civilized life in the city of Warren. His reputation preceded him and soon found work in the upper echelons of Bastille.


Tarkus currently serves as the head of the Physical Protection Division of Bastille. He oversees security details, the installation of physical security assets, and acts as the head of rapid response operations when necessary.

Tarkus Schwartzeisen

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