Sylvia 'D' Duke

Head of Drug Trafficking for the Seventh Street Serpents



“You’re looking pretty jazzed up, you should chill for a bit…or punch someone, your choice.”


Sylvia Duke is a young punker elf with spiky blonde blue tipped hair and a permanent smirk. She has numerous piercings and artificially pigmented green skin. She tends to wear black and purple and always has a pair of stylized purple sunglasses. She has a few obvious cyberware implants the most notable of which is behind her left ear.



D was born to a broken home in the slums of Warren. She became a runaway at the age of eleven and soon found herself in a street gang. She proved to be tough and resourceful eventually becoming a lieutenant in the gang. She was put in charge of a major drug operation which went off the rails but she came out better for it, managing to walk away with both a large sum of money and a cache of drugs. Hearing rumors of a new power player in Warren she sought out and offered her services to Madame Coatl.


D currently oversees all the Serpents’ drug trafficking efforts. She keeps track of shipments, payments, distribution, and supplies. She directs a network of dealers, runners, distributors, and marketers. She also controls a significant portion of the drug economy and assesses the reliability and trustworthiness of potential clients, partners, and buyers.

Sylvia 'D' Duke

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