Serena Ferguson

Head of Bastille's Training Department



“The best medicine is superior firepower.”


Serena Ferguson is a tall broad shouldered female ork with peach colored skin and prominent upper tusks. She usually wears tactical gear without any identifying markers. She hides her eyes behind goggles or glasses as necessary and she keeps her long brown hair up in a bun. Her right arm is clearly high grade cyberware though the rest of her appears natural.



Serena Ferguson was born in Warren and had an uneventful adolescence. Lacking the talent and stomach for office work she spent a few years as a small time bouncer at local clubs. Through chance she saved a Bastille board member from a mugging who then offered her a job with the company. She eventually became one of the most experience field agents in the company.


Serena has retired from the field and is currently the head of the training department at Bastille. She is responsible for the basic instruction of all employees and field agents. She is also responsible for the creation and implementation of new training techniques and policies.

Serena Ferguson

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