Sawyer Cole

Manager of Original Sin



“This place has rules, in here you follow them or you walk.”


Sawyer Cole is an absolutely stunning woman. She is graceful and voluptuous and usually dressed in an upscale evening gown. She has a commanding presence and walks with elegance. She has soft facial features including a curiously wry smile. Her face is framed with beautiful locks of wavy brown hair and her make up is usually subtle but expertly applied.



Sawyer was born in the country and moved to the city at a young age with dreams of becoming rich and famous. She hit several roadblocks as most do and wound up as a dancer in Original Sin. She became one of the more famous attractions of the club. She renegotiated the terms of her employment and demonstrated savvy business acumen. This attracted the attention of the clubs owner Madame Coatl who offered her a unique position.


Sawyer Cole is now the manager of Original Sin and reports directly to Madame Coatl. She ensures that business runs smoothly, customers are happy, and the authorities are undisturbed. She takes particular care to look out for the dancers’ best interests.

Trivia: She inspired a drink known as the ‘Sinful Virgin’

Sawyer Cole

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