Sentient Android Model 1


“I have a lot to learn, please forgive me for any misunderstandings.”

Sam1 is most often seen in a dark blue suit with a forest green tie along with a fedora resting on his head. He has short blonde hair and very bright green eyes. His skin is paler than most, and he has a youthful charm to his well chiseled features. He has perfect posture at all times, some say he his movements are unnerving due to their deliberate nature.

Only recently having gained his freedom, Sam1 has limited experience outside of labs and controlled environments. Spending the early portion of his freedom with Maria learning enough about the world around him to make it through the day-to-day.

Once this was completed Sami was given a job by a friend of Maria’s at Original Sin as a bouncer. Given his nature he was viewed as a welcome and friendly change of pace from the normal stock of bouncer. Polite, kind, courteous, and respectful he quickly became well liked among his co-workers. However management has had several conversations with him about his over zealous reaction to threats.

When this proved to be an insufficient amount of funds to support Maria and her research. Maria and Sami1 came to the agreement he would take on runs, despite her displeasure with the situation. Sami1 took to this work with fervor and has proven to be quite capable, though he has been criticized for his reluctance to use lethal measures on more than one occasion.

When he is not working, Sami1 will tend to explore the city, observing and trying new things that he comes across. Often acting as an observer he will occasionally engage in conversation with people he finds interesting. Asking questions ranging from the mundane to the philosophical.

Sam1 currently has two occupations. The first is as a bouncer at the Renowned nightclub Original Sin. His other occupation is on combat operations during Runs, Sam1 is skilled with most firearms, skilled in hand-to-hand combat and is quite skilled at disguising himself. He will often be the first one into an operation area. .



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