Professor Roger Povenmire

Head of Magical Technologies Research at Beacon University



“Perhaps if we increased the power…”


Professor Povenmire looks like a cross between a scientist and a sorcerer. He wears a short light blue chasuble over his lab coat. He typically wears matching blue pants and a black long sleeved shirt beneath. He is an older man who may or may not be an elf. He has wild white hair and radiant blue eyes.



Professor Povenmire was born and raised on the outskirts of Warren. He awakened at a young age and spent much of his time at the local magician’s guild. He also demonstrated a knack for science and technology often approaching his arcane studies with a rigorous experimental approach. He went to a small corporate college for engineering before graduating and eventually being recruited into a Beacon research team.


Professor Povenmire had been the Dean of Post Graduate Studies before resigning amid controversy. He is currently the head magitech researcher at Beacon. He oversees and directs high level projects and experiments, the details of which are kept secret for security reasons.

Professor Roger Povenmire

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