Dr. Ray Muzyka

Head of RepliTouch Research & Development Bioware Division



“Enhanced adrenal gland, thyroid, synthetic muscles…it’s expensive but it sure beats diet and exercise.”


Dr. Muzyka is a comparatively tall dwarf, he at times can pass for human. He has fiery orange hair and thick beard that he keeps trim and styled. He isn’t usually seen wearing a lab coat and dresses casually, preferring to wear shorts and rather garish Hawaiian shirts. His eyes are emerald green and his face is round and rosy.



Dr. Muzyka went to a corporate medical school and was quickly singled out for his skills and knowledge. He helped to develop a few minor bioware treatments that would eventually attract the attention of RepliTouch. RepliTouch was not yet the MegaCorp it would become but it offered Dr. Muzyka and his employers a very lucrative deal hoping that such an investment would pay off later. RepliTouch gambled wisely as Dr. Muzyka quickly became one of the foremost authorities on bioware.


Dr. Muzyka is the current head of the bioware division of research and devlopment and RepliTouch. He approves all new research and oversees the development of new techniques for proven treatments.

Dr. Ray Muzyka

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