Rama Seshiro

Head of the Seventh Street Serpents Special Operations



“In order to succeed we must be perfect, this of course goes without saying.”


Rama Seshiro is a tall and slender Indonesian man in his late twenties. He is clearly in peak physical condition and has some imposing bioware and cosmetic implants that have made him somewhat snake like including narrow green snake eyes, scaled dermoplating, and sharp fangs. He is almost always seen in tactical gear if he is seen at all.



The son of immigrants, Rama Seshiro lead a fairly normal life eventually becoming a SWAT officer for the city of Warren. He left the police in disgust after an operation, only approved by corruption, was botched and resulted in the deaths of every assigned officer except for Seshiro. Seshiro then became a mercenary before being convinced to join the Seventh Street Serpents.


Rama Seshiro now leads the most elite soldiers in Madame Coatl’s employ. They experts in quick and precise operations that cut deep against her enemies. He is responsible for the swift and perfect execution of his assignments as well as the safety of his soldiers.

Rama Seshiro

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