Paul Quinn

Beacon University Bursar



“You may have to take out a loan with UXB but I guarantee it will be worth it.”


Paul Quinn is a clean shaven business dwarf. His tends to wear simple black and grey suits that are often rumpled or partially unbuttoned. His brown hair is kept in gentleman’s cut but is usually a bit disheveled. His left eye is noticeably cybernetic. He is clearly middle aged and his square jawed face is starting to show wrinkles.



Mr. Quinn was born poor and lived most of his childhood in Breakwater. He made the most of his opportunities working on the docks while getting to know the people and the city. He eventually started a small shipping business that was eventually bought out by Terraplex. He used the money from the buyout to purchase a house in Williamsburg and soon after got a job at Beacon University.


Mr. Quinn is now the Bursar for Beacon and deals with most of the university’s finances. He is responsible for student payments, loans, and debts as one would expect. He also oversees the sales and marketing of technology and products offered exclusively by the university.

Paul Quinn

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