Owen Steen

Head Enforcer for the Seventh Street Serpents



“If I do that to people who I considered friends for years, imagine what I’ll do to people I don’t care about.”


Owen Steen is noticeably short and stocky for an Ork. His lower tusks are short and fat and his upper tusks don’t protrude out of his mouth. He has short scruffy hair and a beard to match. His eyes are chestnut brown and tend to dart around. He normally wears plain clothes and simple armor when the need arises preferring black when given a choice. He has two prominent tattoos: the iconic seven on his right shoulder and ‘LIVE’ with a transposed E on his left forearm.



Owen Steen was born and raised SINless in Warren. He had a fairly normal childhood but was often in trouble for picking fights. He gained a reputation, not as a bully, just as someone who enjoyed fighting. As he grew older he took it upon himself to keep street gangs away from the people he cared about. He would often handle several opponents at once and embarrassed several small time gangs. Upon hearing rumors about him Madame Coatl met with him and he agreed to become her first soldier and bodyguard.


Mr. Steen is currently the head enforcer for the Serpents. He controls, instructs, and recruits all the soldiers of the syndicate and is also responsible for maintaining and expanding the syndicates territorial influence.

Owen Steen

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