Okumura Shin

Dean of Students at Beacon University



“We aren’t just about educating mages, we try to be welcome to everyone.”


Mr. Okumura is a tall and lanky man with a friendly face. He dresses almost exclusively in black including a signature tweed sweater. The only significant color on him comes from his bright blue eyes which are magnified by his thick brass framed spectacles. His looks are considered old fashioned by many.



Mr. Okumura’s background is a bit of a mystery. What is known is that he became a teacher in his late twenties and gained a reputation for bringing out the best in his students. He became something of a celebrity when he saved a student from a street gang. He was hired by Beacon University following this incident where he still works today.


Mr. Okumura is now the Dean of Students at Beacon where he has built a strong rapport with the student body. He acts as a liaison between students and the administration. He is also responsible for discipline, attendance, and other administrative functions pertaining to students.

Okumura Shin

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