Mikolaj 'Mike' Wawrzaszek

Head of Technologies Research at Bastille



“The results were promising, we just have to get it pointed in the right direction next time.”


Mr. Wawrzaszek is a tall middle aged ork with prominent lower tusks. He has short scruffy black hair and yellow eyes. He normally wears work pants with a white button down shirt and an ill fitting tie. He usually looks a bit disheveled and often forgets to take off his work goggles.



Mike’s parents immigrated from Warsaw to Warren while his mother was pregnant. He spent his early years in a corporate school before being accepted into Beacon University. He had always demonstrated a knack for invention and his time at Beacon University helped him hone his craft. After graduating he was hired by Bastille where he still works today.


Mike is currently the head researcher at Bastille where he works to develop new ways of implementing security technology focusing on what he calls the three Ds: Detection, Defense, and Deterrence.

Mikolaj 'Mike' Wawrzaszek

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